de Bussy, Louis Philibert le Cosquino (1879-1943)*

This profile is based on the entry in the EYE catalogue

Louis Philibert le Cosquino de Bussy, usually referred to simply as L.P. de Bussy, worked from 1905 until 1917 as a biologist at the Deli tobacco plantation in North Sumatra, eventually becoming the manager of the research station where he developed a number of pesticides.

In 1917, he was appointed to a senior position in the museum of the Koloniaal Instituut in Amsterdam and  in February and March of that year, he shot three thousand meters of film in the Dutch East Indies, Sumatra, and Java.

In 1919, after the First World War, the films were shipped to the Netherlands, where they were first shown in 1920. A certain Mr. Giel, a freelance editor who had previously worked on the films that  J.C. Lamster made for the Koloniaal Institut, was responsible for the editing and titles.

De Bussy also lectured as an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Indology at the University of Utrecht.




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