Matter-Steveniers, Fred (1910-1979)*

Haut Amazone (1939) – Fred Matter-Steveniers introduces an Aénts Chicham (formerly ‘Jivaro’) to his camera

Fred Matter, also known as Fred Matter-Steveniers, was the cinematographer on the year-long French Ethnographical Expedition to Angmagssalik, East Greenland in 1934-35, led Paul-Émile Victor. The film that he made on this expedition, sharing the directorial credit with Victor, was called Quatre du Groenland. A copy is held by the CNC and may be viewed at the Bois d’Arcy site.

Matter was also the cinematographer on the expedition led by the ethnologist, Bertrand Flornoy in 1936-37 to the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the director of the resulting film, Haut Amazone, released in 1939 (see the image above).

The CNC catalogue also refers to a much later film directed by Matter, Printemps au Val, produced in France by Jad Films and dated to 1960. It is identified as a short, colour, non-fiction film. But the catalogue provides no details about content, nor offers a copy to view.