diegetic, extra-diegetic, intra-diegetic

‘Diegesis’ refers to the world created by a theatrical work or a film. ‘Extra-diegetic’ refers to something that comes from outside that world.

In non-fiction film-making, the most common use of the term ‘extra-diegetic’ is in relation to music. If the music on the soundtrack has not been recorded in synch with the action of a given film, but is, rather, a piece that comes from elsewhere, i.e. if it has been recorded in a studio, or for some other purpose than for the film that is being made, then it is said to ‘extra-‘ or ‘non-diegetic’.

If the music on the soundtrack has been recorded at some point during the filming of a given film  but is then used, out of synch, to cover a different sequence in that same film, it is sometimes referred to as ‘intra-diegetic’.



d) 9.5 mm film

Developed in France in the interwar period. Instead of having perforations down the side of the film strip, it had a single perforation in the horizontal band between the frames of the film strip.

This was the format used for the Baby-Pathé series.

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