Spindler, Paul (1922-?)*

Spindler, in his 1958 film, operating the Bioscope camera used by Rudolf Pöch between 1905 and 1915.

Paul Spindler was a curator at the Natural History Museum who, in the 1950s, was primarily responsible for rescuing from oblivion the footage shot by Rudolf Pöch in New Guinea and southern Africa in 1905-06  and 1908 respectively.

Spindler himself made a short 16mm film about Pöch’s expedition to New Guinea, incorporating some of Pöch’s original 35mm footage. Although it is clear from Pöch’s own account of this expedition that he shot further footage in New Guinea, the sequences copied into Spindler’s film appear to be the only ones to have survived.

Texts : Pöch 1907a, Pöch 1907b, Spindler 1974.