Buschmänner in der Kalahari, 1907-1909 [Bushmen in the Kalahari, 1907-1909] (1959) – dir. Paul Spindler *

Circular Dance. Still from the version of Buschmänner in der Kalahari edited by Paul Spindler. 

6:22 mins., b&w, silent

Production : SHB films

Source : Filmarchiv Austria

A series of sequences, edited by Paul Spindler,  taken from the original rushes shot by Rudolf Pöch during his 1907-09 expedition to southern Africa. Apart from an initial sequence of a dance (above),this edited version consists of a series of single shot sequences of technical processes.

The original rushes contain a number of sequences which Spindler  excluded possibly because they conflicted with 1950s ideas of what an ethnographic film should contain.

Text : Spindler 1974

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